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The Wild Swann represents the side of Louisville that you may have to search a little harder for: the decadent and depraved.┬áThis brand has a mix of mystery and unabashed directness. The Wild Swann has no secrets on what it offers: Food, Booze, Friends. But the concept asks for every patron to explore unprecedented unions — whether that be a never-tasted concoction or a new friend from abroad. Typical nights are unseen sights at the Wild Swann.









As another phase of the The Wilder Hotel branding project, we wanted the Wild Swann story to have just as much depth and meaning as the hotel. The visual look is modern, but we added a historical twist by reinventing imagery from an era of decadently dressed women and tailored gentlemen. Copy lines were also formulated with a voice and tone of the 1940s to add authenticity to the bar story.








How We Work Together


Born and raised in
Louisville, Kentucky.


223 S. Clay St

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