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Louisville’s Bock Beer Festivals began way back in 1858, but sadly the tradition ended in 1919 with the start of Prohibition. 2017 marks the second annual NuLu Bock Fest, and the second year we have sponsored a goat. It’s also the second time we have truly taken our theme and run with it.

This year our goat, Randy Scavenge proved he is the Macho Man by bringing home the first place trophy. And if they had an award for best-dressed fans, we would have that on our shelf too.

How We Work Together

Our Concept

For Bock Fest 2017, we named our goat Randy Scavenge in honor of the late, great 80s wrestler Randy Savage (pun entirely intended). Normally sponsors simply give the goat a name, instead we gave him an entire brand. Randy needed to be just as iconic as his namesake. This includes everything a great wrestler has, spandex, bright colors, and animal print, quite the departure from our usual client work. It was refreshing to have this project with so many vibrant physical branding executions.

In order to properly cheer on our goat, we determined we needed pennants, buttons, posters, bandanas, straws, a balloon wall, and a web page. All these pieces came together with perfection to make for a festive, memorable event.

Everyone chipped in to create handmade pennants to cheer on the goats.
We earned major style points with our screen printed bandanas.


Born and raised in
Louisville, Kentucky.


223 S. Clay St

Work With Us

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