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Oasis case study

Oasis has been known as a software solutions company since the beginning — 25 years ago. When they came to us to approach their positioning and branding, our goal was to pull out more about what those solutions truly mean.

With an audience base that runs anywhere from a small business owner that is looking to grow how they think about distribution, or a manufacturing company that desperately needs to run their systems more efficiently. That is Oasis’s world of solutions, and they are particularly good at finding the perfect fit for each of their clients.

How We Work Together

Our Approach

Oasis came to us in a state of increased growth.  In an effort to continue with the momentum they had built, Oasis contacted us for a branding strategy. They had a loyal customer base, but they were looking to communicate their value to prospective clients in a more steadfast and innovative way.
Upon looking at their current collateral materials and assets, it was clear that a rebrand was in order. However, we didn’t want to sully or dismiss the already strong experience clients had with Oasis. Instead, we wanted to elevate it. Through stakeholder meetings, we learned how dedicated the partners and employees were to providing seamless transitions for clients and unwavering customer support.

Dedication Identified

Business to Business & Influencer Audiences

Switching or adopting new software solutions is often a huge undertaking for businesses. It requires a rigorous discovery and transition process. Often times, a C-level employee is making the decision. And more often, that decision is guided by an influencer in that company– say an assistant or employee in a respective department.

Our challenge: How do we get on the radar of the influencer audience, while showcasing the strength of Oasis’s solutions to a C-level that has very little time to explore.
Through messaging and copywriting, were were able to communicate their unique value propositions in an emotional and direct way.

The Creative Challenge

After looking through the competition in the market, we noticed there were a whole lot of… stock photos. You know the ones we’re talking about. A bunch of men standing over a table in a high rise pointing at fake charts. And as much as we know how purposeless those images are, it is still very hard to visually represent the tangible and intangible outcomes of a software solutions company. The effects can be so complex to communicate.

Through messaging and copywriting, were were able to communicate their unique value propositions in an emotional and direct way. We decided to graphically communicate the more complicated facets of Oasis’s services and offerings through animations and presentations. There were a lot of collateral materials that we needed to replace so we decided to take our our version of Circular Design into motion. We made sure to create reusable chunks of design that could be used in a variety of circumstances throughout the brand execution.


How a Brand lives and breathes

As we continue to grow the awareness of Oasis and move them through the brand marketing funnel, we continue to explore news ways that we can integrate with their services and talk to their audience. Front-End Developer, Nick Stewart, was abel to figure out some unprecedented solutions to Act-On Software, while our design team has found simplistic ways to communicate the complicated on-boarding processes with graphics. In the near future, we hope to enhance Oasis’s digital presence and strengthen the external understanding of their unique value propositions. 

Unsurpassed in the Marketplace

“We spent months searching for the right partner to lead us in our brand journey, we decided to that VIA was the best fit for us. Their creativity, digital expertise and great eye for design were qualities that were unsurpassed in the market place.”

— Aaron Rosenberg, SVP of Business Development

Born and raised in
Louisville, Kentucky.


223 S. Clay St

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