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Louisville Public Media (LPM) is Louisville’s own, nationally-recognized, non-profit that operates the three National Public Radio (NPR) member stations – WFPK, WFPL and WUOL, as well as the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting (KyCIR) and Do502 – the city’s event calendar.

We’ve helped LPM devise and launch multiple digital campaigns in the past few years. Fans of audience data and maximizing donations, we’ve collaborated to use their budgets to achieve maximum impact, and the numbers back that up.

Campaign Strategy + Development

Since 2014 we’ve developed in-depth, detailed campaign strategies and marketing plans to help LPM achieve their goals, within their budget.

A deep understanding of LPM’s varied audience landscape helps us to craft engaging, effective campaign strategies and our experienced strategists craft detailed, results-oriented marketing plans that reach those audiences, all within the budget.

We work in partnership with LPM to expand their already deep understanding of their audiences by identifying and targeting those audience on social ad platforms. Analyzing this data and plowing it back into future advertising efforts helps to spend their advertising budgets wisely.

Ad Creative + Copywriting

With the knowledge of goals and audiences in hand, we concepted, wrote and produced terrestrial and digital advertising in various sizes, shapes and placements.



Analytics + Conversion Tracking Setup

LPM has deep roots in radio – and they understand their audiences deeply through network surveys and years of experience. We share that passion and experience, and every campaign we run for LPM is tracked by in-depth, platform-specific and cross-platform analytics and conversion tracking.


Campaign Iteration + Management

We lead from the concept that any campaign – especially digital – is an opportunity to learn and iterate. For LPM, we provide daily/weekly management of digital campaigns, with regular experiments to generate audience insights and fuel the next iteration.

Each week of our campaigns, we provide a summary of the past week’s events, insights, and updates we’ve undertaken – which we’ll report on in the following week.

Reporting + Analysis

The bookend to our campaign strategy and marketing plan are our “final” reports. They are final only in that they close the chapter on the current campaign, but they are the fuel and inspiration for our next campaign.

With deep dives into audience demographics, reactions, engagements and all of your favorite ad metrics (CTR, CPC, CPM) – we start planning for the next campaign from here.

No Campaign is Ever Final

Louisville Public Media trusts us to be value-focused and experimental at the same time. All of our campaigns for LPM have been focused on a particular goal – listening, app downloads, email signups, etc – but the everlasting result of those campaigns are the insights born from careful, deliberate experimentation and analysis.

We’ve helped LPM spread their word, achieve results and gain insights about their audience. How can we help you?

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