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career calculator

About Career Calculator

The Career Calculator, is an online search tool that helps students and people looking for a career change evaluate their options in the region. This resource has been brought to life by a regional workforce development board, known as KentuckianaWorks. To make sure this tool gets to the hands of the target audience, KentuckianaWorks came to us for help promoting it. After discussing their goals and current marketing, we developed a good old fashioned poster campaign to generate awareness.



Own Your Career

For the concept, we went with something punchy and to-the-point, “Own Your Career.” With this, we hope to inspire confidence and make a daunting task more approachable, just like the Career Calculator. From there our designers created a series of posters for the campaign.

The Design

To make these posters stand out in the middle of a school hallway, we needed to create a design that would “break through the clutter” and draw people in. Minimal design was carried through to establish clear hierarchy. The bold headline was laid on top of a graphic representing the most popular careers in the region, which creates texture when viewed from a distance. A subtle gradient was used to communicate a sense of calm and stability for the viewer.



While “Own Your Career” is an empowering, authoritative statement, the series posters use more colloquial, honest copy to draw viewers in. The headings relate to different subject matter, and they’re phrases that would be spoken among the audience. They’re meant to be ignite conversation. A list of careers in the region are grouped underneath hand written text, while careers that relate to the subject are emphasized. This ties a connection between the audience’s believable, honest thoughts and attainable career options.


How We Work Together


Born and raised in
Louisville, Kentucky.


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