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The Jewish Community Center is more than just your neighborhood gym. And it’s more than just a community center. The JCL promotes an active local community through local events and a slew of recreational activities. Whether you want to take the latest group fitness class, see local actors perform or go on a mission trip to Israel, the JCL has you covered.

We met with about 25 people from all departments within the organization to get their feedback on how they interacted with the site. They shared with us their struggles and problems they were currently experiencing with the site and talked with us about how we could make their job easier.

How We Work Together

Our Approach


Because the JCL is a massive organization, it has a massive amount of web content. It was our job to provide a solution for them that organized the content in a relevant, positive user experience. We decided that the best way to do this was to rearrange the content into three distinct sections: JCC, Federation and Community. We found that most pieces of the puzzle fell into one of these three sections. The primary goals for the site were also organized according to these three types of users: membership, donations, and readership.

It was a priority to give each piece of the organization a space to promote whatever happenings were going on. We accomplished this by having customizable widgets with calls to action on each section’s landing page. A mobile-friendly design provided an easier viewing experience for every type of user, dynamic content and a fresh look!

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Design with a Purpose

JCL is all about the lifestyle of its members and enhancing that lifestyle. We knew a humanistic approach was the best way to go. It’s all about the people! When it came to design assets, they had photos. A LOT of photos. We took some time sorting through them to figure out what the visual language is for JCL’s brand. Then we helped tighten up the composition. The idea: focus on the action/interaction, but don’t ignore the unavoidable background movement… just give it a little depth of field.

Since the visual language was number one, colors were to come secondarily in the design. The purpose of color was organization. We wanted to allow color to aide in orienting the user to the landscape of the website.

But it needed more. It needed…. MOVEMENT. After a pow-wow with Front-End Developer, Joel Jacob, we decided a subtle javascript trick was the way to go. The user would experience a little bit of encouragement on the section home pages in the way of a moving background pattern. And, Joel is just a superstar like that.

Find Your Audience Where They Already Are

“Prior to working with VIA Studio, the Jewish Community of Louisville had a functional website, but it needed updating to take advantage of the newest technology and practices with mobile responsive design and online registration. With the help of VIA, we were able to clarify our branding around our new core brands.”

— Ben Goldenberg, Marketing Director

Born and raised in
Louisville, Kentucky.


223 S. Clay St

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