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INT baggage illustration

Situation Analysis

Control Touch Systems was an engineering firm in Louisville. Their greatest strength as a business was their active, personal sales force, but their branding was outdated and failed to express the energy, optimism, and individuality that distinguished them. With a new owner and a focus on attracting larger clients in the airline baggage handling industry, they requred a modern brand that spoke clearly to their target audience.

Some think that branding a B2B services business can be dry, but we embrace the challenge and always bring it back to people, who are never boring!

Brand Concept

In order to create an authentic, yet aspirational brand, we researched the market, developed personas, and build a Brand Strategy that eventually led to our Brand Concept:

The Minds Behind Movement

Intellimodus’s emphasis on having the world’s most talented engineers, project managers and problem-solvers is reflected in the company’s new tagline, “The Minds Behind Movement.” This language speaks to the core belief that at Intellimodus the employees are the greatest asset.

New Name, Brand Identity & Design System

The name “Intellimodus” is essentially a combination of “intelligent motion.” The largest vertical they serve is airport baggage handling system, which require a heroic level of speed, security, and ability to track everything. The company had an immense reputation in this space, so it was easy for their audience to internalize the new name and positioning.

INT logo

The new logomark is a stylized arrow that pays homage to the old brand, hiding the two “chevrons” sideways in the arrow.

Branded stationery

Once the name and logo were approved, we fleshed out the design system with typography, photography style, color, and illustration. Then it was on to collateral and the website. See more of the work below!

Branded flyer


The website, as the hub of the brand and their communication strategy, had to compete on a very high level with other internationally recognized engineering firms. To achieve this, we took an energetic and illustrative approach, adding motion where needed to emphasize their UVPs and brand strategy. Check it out here.

INT website homepage

INT website callouts section
INT timeline
INT website map

How We Work Together

Our new brand identity as Intellimodus illustrates the forward-thinking solutions that improve today while helping develop success for tomorrow. We are Intellimodus!”

— Brian Nichter, President, Intellimodus, LLC

Born and raised in
Louisville, Kentucky.


223 S. Clay St

Work With Us

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