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The Housing Partnership Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated (and I mean, dedicated) to creating affordable housing opportunities while encouraging family stability and empowering communities. The HPI team embodies nearly everything we love about working with non-profits. They are a resourceful, clever, and experienced team with a lofty vision.



Motivations for a bigger future

From the moment we began stakeholder meetings with HPI, we knew that it was going to be tough to fully explain all of the underpinnings and outcomes of such a well-oiled machine to a broad audience. However, what we also discovered was that 75% of the external audience for HPI had a fairly narrow (although ambitious) motivation path. There were 3 clear goals for our audience members: rent a home, buy a home, or learn how to buy a home. Through direct demographic and observational research, we found the prospective lifestyles that represented these motivations. Through these three main personas, we identified our questions, validated our hypothesis and discovered the true habits of our audience members.

Retro Made New

When we began the branding piece of the project, the client stated they did not want to change the logo. They had been through several iterations in the past. The logo conversation evolved into a conversation about how the logo had been approached in the past and how that mirrored the previous focus of the company. To our delight, we discovered a previous logo that seemed perfect for the new voice and tone of the people of The Housing Partnership Inc.

We rebuilt the retro logo, and its metaphor charged and validated some of our conceptual rumblings. HPI is forward movement. It is trajectory. It is finding a way to rise up and overcome – both internally and for the audience.


Making it real


Step Up

Concepting is always our favorite stage of the process and this project came with a lot of diverse possibilities. In the end, we decided that a direct approach- tapping into the ambition of our audience members- would be the best way to motivate them. Thus the concept: Step Up.

Movement in more ways than one

We knew movement would be a critical design element. Each of our animations was created to reflect the ambitious goals of our audience members. We wanted to reach them in a more emotional way than they had been reached before. We wanted to help them visualize their dreams.

Nicole, our first persona, received an animation of an apartment building with a lively lifestyle. The second animation aimed to reach Shonda, a mother looking for financial education on buying a home. Lastly, we talked to Eric & Lita- animating their dream home with a basketball goal in the driveway.

How We Work Together

Showing Impact

 They certainly are talented and their ability to communicate so well with genuine enjoyment and passion made our team look forward to seeing not just their work, but our interaction with them. Great Success!”

— Lisa DeSpain, VP and COO

Born and raised in
Louisville, Kentucky.


223 S. Clay St

Work With Us

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