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For our 20th anniversary party, we sought to create a fun, interactive game for our fellow party-goers. To bring this game to reality, we put together a multi-discipline team including a front-end developer, back-end developer, designer, CG expert, and our resident carpenter. In the end, they created a game that combines the best of Cornhole and Connect Four and dubbed it “Connect More”. 

How We Made it Happen

Enouraging Connections

We connected analog to digital but more importantly we also wanted to connect with each other. Connect More allowed a level of play and interaction at our 20th Anniversary Event that couldn’t have been achieved another way.

We used the fun of a game and the optimism of the Internet as a place that brings people together to create something unique and new. Sure, it’s “digital”, and “internet of things”, but more importantly it’s a game for all ages that encourages communication, interaction, and connection.

We’re not a game development company, but we are a “big idea” company. Connect More is one more example of taking a real world business challenge and turning it into an actionable idea that achieves results.

Watch the Game in Timelapse


Our inspiration came when we discovered a tool called a Makey Makey. To put it briefly, it’s a small circuit board that will turn everyday objects into touchpads that you can use to interact with a computer. With this, we were able to code and animate a custom game that responded to a physical game with targets and bean bags.


The design of the projected image is intended to be an extension of our Brace for Impact campaign. In addition, we had to craft the physical parts of the game. This includes a series of targets, bean bags, and a ramp to return the bean bags. After some trial and error, we made targets that responded to the game pieces and a conductive fabric to activate the targets.


To develop the game, we used Canvas to animate and draw and Javascript for the game logic. Also, MP4 animations were baked into the game for animations that would have been too time consuming to recreate with Canvas. If you’re interested in all the development details, take a peek at the blog our developer put together.

Proof of Excellence

“Connect More is one more example of VIA Studio leading the region forward in digital ideas and execution.”

— Jason Clark, President, VIA Studio

Born and raised in
Louisville, Kentucky.


223 S. Clay St

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