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The Best of Louisville event experienced a decline in attendance and participation over the past few years. Louisville Magazine and the MS Society wanted to rebuild its reputation.

It was our task to work with these two wonderful organizations to redesign of the Best of Louisville logo, create and implement a marketing plan, as well as provide event ideas and strategy consultation. We were ecstatic when Louisville Magazine and the MS Society decided to partner with us to make the 2014 Best of Louisville event a smashing success. And it was just that. At VIA, our main measure of success is a great partnership with our client where we hit our creative brief’s goals. In addition we also came home with a few awards, including AIGA Louisville’s Judges Choice award!
(photo credit: Jessie Kreich-Higdon, model: Mo McKnight-Howe)

How We Work Together

Our Approach

At VIA, we believe that a brand is truly an experience, so we knew that a traditional advertising model wouldn’t do the work we wanted. We pushed to design a timeless logo that would last throughout ever changing campaigns from year to year. We also wanted to see a shift in the perception of the event itself as well, moving away from a formal vibe, and creating more relaxed, interactive, fun atmosphere.

Much of which had to do with our exploration into new audiences. We needed to define who we wanted to target outside of the loyal audience.

Audience goal: attract members of the community focused on local development and enhancement. People who make an impact in Louisville. These could be small business owners, artists, philanthropists, and all people who bring positivity and growth to this city. Young and old, male and female, these individuals all have a passion and appreciation for Louisville and all it has to offer.

Design with a Purpose

Much of this audience development came early during the concepting brainstorm. Creative Director, Jason Clark, and Art Director, Emilee Dover, took a walkabout (as creatives sometimes do) to ponder a few questions: Who makes up our city? What is it that makes Louisville what it is? What draws people here? What does “the best of” really mean?


The coming together of different types of lifestyles with different ideas with aspirations to create something collectively. A culture that blends together to make something new every day. Something more than iconic bourbon barrels and horse races. This was what we wanted to represent as the best that Louisville has to offer. The true essence of our lovely city.

Multi-Faceted Design

Illustrator, Pat Sheehan, got to work on making our concept come to life for a pitch. And after some sketches on logo and campaign design were approved, we got started on the intricate pieces of the campaign. First was the deep-dive into the logo process, which you can read more about in this article. This campaign roll-out was one of the most comprehensive we have ever created.

5 billboards
8 bus shelters
3 full-page magazine ads
one double-page spread
one magazine cover design
social media assets
event signage
window clings
the winner plaques
and even a website!


An Awards Event That Was Full of Applause

“VIA Studio took a vision and made it a reality; that’s not a cliche, that’s what actually happened … Without hesitation they dove right in, creating, implementing and fully executing a Best of Louisville rebrand. Our attendee numbers tripled, and not only did the event raise needed funds, it raised our profile in the community.”

— Stacy Funk, Chapter President at MS Society KY- SE IN

Born and raised in
Louisville, Kentucky.


223 S. Clay St

Work With Us

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