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We Made You an Open Source Salesforce Command-line Tool, You’re Welcome

Easily explore the Salesforce REST API with our new command-line tool.

We love making things (usually digital but not always); whenever possible, we like to share the things we make (like our starter theme for WordPress or our coding standards).

Over the past year, we’ve been doing a fair amount of Salesforce work,¬†and have found that debugging/testing/exploring the Salesforce REST API can be a little tedious by hand.

First you have to get an auth token

Once you have a token, you can make API calls, like getting usage limits

or a list of sobjects.

Doing things like SOQL queries is a pain because you have to url-encode the query by hand for the command line.

…see what I mean?

To that end, we’re releasing an Open Source (MIT-licensed) command-line tool for exploring the Salesforce REST API.

Now you can type simple commands at the command prompt to do all sorts of handy things with Salesforce like query objects, run SOQL commands, etc.

Check it out here!

You’re welcome to fork our code and make your own additions. If you do something cool with it or think of an interesting new feature to include, let us know!

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