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sxsw lunch and learn

VIA Studio at SXSW 2017

Where Technology and Marketing collide. Read about our adventures in Austin this year.

This year Ben and I went to South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas, the world’s largest conference of it’s type. There were hundreds of sessions covering boundless topics where technology and marketing collide. It’s a chaotic and refreshing place to recharge your batteries and try to make sense of where our industry is heading. This week we held a lunch and learn to discuss some of the trends we uncovered during the conference. Embedded below is our slide deck.

Thanks to everyone who visited VIA Studio to hear what we had to say. If you’re interested in specific content from SXSW sessions, keep an eye on the SXSW YouTube Channel.

In addition to the work related stuff, we also got to have some fun in Austin. Check out some of it below.

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