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Tag: Mobile Applications

If your brand or campaign needs an application, we can build it. We’ve got years of experience under our belt delivering systems that work, be it mobile or desktop or something that will respond appropriately to whatever device your audience decides to use.

Creating Face Paint Peggy

Recently we launched Face Paint Peggy, a simple HTML/Javascript game that showcases the power of creating mobile games with web technology. The game is available on Android and iOS for free. See The Rest

Introduction to Responsive Design

After reading Jason’s series of articles regarding Marketing for Mobile, I thought I’d add to the discussion. My favorite web geek topic as of late is Responsive Web Design. It allows you to create a mobile-ready version of your website, without needing to build separate content. With a large portion of the world now browsing the web via smart phones and post-pc tablets, it’s almost a no-brainer to offer mobile viewing experiences. See The Rest

WordCamp 2011

VIA Studio rocks the WordPress, and has been rockin it for many years now. Back when our competition was still trying to sell proprietary Content Management Systems, we were touting the benefits of open source. The most important of which … See The Rest

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