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Tag: Javascript

A very basic intro to React redux-saga

Today, we’re going to do a very brief introduction to Redux-Saga and why it makes React+Redux apps much easier. To save space, we’ll only be showing the important bits of our app code. Complete, working versions of the app are … See The Rest

Creating Face Paint Peggy

Recently we launched Face Paint Peggy, a simple HTML/Javascript game that showcases the power of creating mobile games with web technology. The game is available on Android and iOS for free. See The Rest

Vue.js, jQuery & IE9

Regular readers of our blog might know that our development team hasĀ been digging into an emerging Javascript framework named Vue.js. Vue is similar to React and shares many of its features, such as single file components. However, you don’t need … See The Rest

Laracon 2016 Recap

Thanks to the fine folks at VIA I was able to attend Laracon2016 and it was awesome. Some of the things I learned: Taylor Otwell is a rockstar, the PHP community loves stuffed elephants, Laravel 5.3 & Vue.js 2.0 are spectacular, and PHP7 is fast. See The Rest

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