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Tag: 223 S Clay

The Great VIA Speling Bee

Take a stroll down elememory lane and put your spellibility to the test. Introducing The Great VIA Speling Bee – Louisville’s only adult spelling bee. Every third Thursday from September to April. Five bucks, proceeds supporting our friends at Kentucky Refugee Ministries. … See The Rest

CNPE’s Destination:Excellence 2018

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNPE) is an organization that helps nonprofit leaders and organizations become the best version of themselves, through consultation, events, and other professional development activities. Last Friday, May 18, we were honored to host the Center … See The Rest

Public Art Makes Everything Better

First thing’s first. I’ve got skin in the game. I love art, in all it’s myriad forms. I consume art voraciously. Our company survives and thrives by creating beautiful things. (Is design also art? Let’s save that for another post.) … See The Rest

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