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Office Doggos

Meet the fabulous dogs of VIA Studio!

What would a design agency be without regular dog visits?

When I started here at VIA, one of the first things I would tell people is how dog friendly the office was. We love each other’s pups, and we do a service to everyone by bringing them in regularly. The following are some of our regular visitor office doggos.



First off, we need to introduce Junior T. Dogface. He’s Mark’s dog, and he’s one of the most pure creatures any of us have met. Katie may have chosen her office because it came with a couch that Junior loves to sleep on.

Junior the pup

Junior T Dogface



There’s Brew, AKA Brew-bear. Beer lover Morgan is his companion, and together they’re some of the sweetest dudes you’ll ever meet. We met Brew when he was first adopted, and he was such a tiny pup! We’ve gotten to see him grow and we all feel like proud aunts and uncles.

Brew the dog


Little baby Dipset, AKA Dip, is one of Katie’s dogs. He’s a very lumpy boy, and he sheds a TON. His sweetness is unsurpassed, though–he just wants to be your best friend!



While her official name is Mae West Glover, she prefers to go by simply Lula. Other suitable nicknames include Lu, Tater Tot, Pupperoni, Puppersaurus Rex, the list goes on. She is Christal’s pup, and Christal will try to convince you that she’s “bad as hell”, which we all know isn’t true. Lu is spoiled, though–she’ll only eat apples if they’re smothered in peanut butter, and she loves cheese more than most humans. Relatable though, right?



One of Alex’s dogs, Buster, is truly a grumpy dude. But, he’s so precious you can’t help but love him! His bug eyes are part of his charm, along with his snorting. He likes to snooze away (very loudly) when Alex brings him in to visit.

Buster the dog


There are more animals that are near and dear to us but who aren’t in the office as often, so we don’t have pictures of them in. There’s Oliver, Joel’s pup, Bunny, Katie’s other dog, Zuko, Alex’s other dog, Shadow (who recently passed on to doggy heaven) and Pepper, my own dogs, and even Otis, Bekah’s cat. They also deserve all the lovin’ because they are also the best girls and boys.


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