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Marketing for Mobile Seminar: August 24, Lexington KY

I will be giving a my second presentation of “Marketing for Mobile: Why You Need To and How To Begin” to the Lexington Ad Club and Bluegrass Tourism Marketing Association on August 24. Check their sites or Twitter accounts for registration information. The last presentation here in Louisville sold out, so be sure to register early.

The topic is:

Marketing for Mobile: Why You Need To and How To Begin

Could your campaigns be more effective by using a more direct medium to reach your consumer? Are you looking for a new way to engage potential customers? Do you wonder what people mean when they say “there’s an app for that”? Thanks to the explosion of smart phones, more consumers are accessing the web from their mobile devices. These consumers are becoming more and more sophisticated and smart advertisers realize the importance of understanding and utilizing mobile media when developing multi-faceted campaigns. In his presentation Marketing for Mobile: Why You Need to and How to Begin, Jason will start with the low-hanging fruit in mobile success, then go on to identify different mobile tactics: social media, mobile advertising, mobile optimized sites, all the way to apps.

A large percentage of business inquiries lately have been for mobile project, and we’ve seen with our own analytics how much traffic is being driven to our sites via smartphones. If you haven’t started to consider how to market your business in mobile, this seminar is for you!

See you in Lexington!

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