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Marketing Automation Can Make Your Team More Efficient

Strategy and a new approach is a must.

Buyers armed with information and options like never before are now in a position of power to attain exactly what fills their needs. As a result, marketing has started to play a larger role in nurturing these relationships. Given how having a consistent presence across channels is difficult, (Was your last tweet in March? 😉 ) marketing automation software can help you manage. Instead of operating in batch email mode, marketing automation allows you to manage the effectiveness of your content.

Marketing automation is SaaS technology that streamlines, automates, and measures marketing tasks and workflows. Ranging from a free Mailchimp account that just handles email, up to a toolkit from InfusionsoftHubspot or Act-On. Sophisticated toolkits can trigger automated workflows such as tasking a sales rep to follow up, updating a leadscore, or tagging the customer with data for further segmentation.



These automation tools can bring your CRM to the next level. Typically CRMs don’t provide functionality for email marketing, behavior tracking, and marketing program management. In the end, CRMs are database-oriented and marketing automation software produces highly detailed behavior data queries. Marketing automation ups the ante when it comes to deploying your CRM.

The most important thing is that you still have to deploy strategy and resources to make it effective. Don’t just automate your old processes when you are introducing new marketing technology into your organization. New technology requires new ways of doing things.

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