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via studio cookbook

Introducing our first cookbook!

VOILÀ: A Compilation of VIA Studio's Best Breakfasts, Desserts, and Drinks

If you follow us on Instagram you may be familiar with our Thursday morning breakfast meetings. Each week we carve out time to cook breakfast together and chat about the week’s events. Cooking brings creativity, collaboration, and conversation to the office and we believe it has shaped our culture for the better. So when Kelly suggested a cookbook for our 2017 holiday gift we all knew we had to make it happen.


Guacamole is appropriate for any meal of the day, so we’ve perfected our recipe.


Of course we made our own straws for the Spicy Morgaritas!


Our famous breakfast Totchos, loaded with toppings as it should be.

Some of our favorite gifts from past years include postcards, coasters, a vinyl record, and a custom light box. As we dove into creating the cookbook we discovered it would be no simple task, but it was surprisingly easy to combine our disciplines.

Some of the skills it took to make the cookbook include:


The best (and only) dog wedding cake you’ve ever seen.


The happy puple, Brooks and Lucy!

via cookbook

Tag us @viastudio when you try out the recipes.;)

Even though none of us had created a cookbook before, it was exciting to figure it out along the way. The fact that we got to eat all of the treats featured in the book was also a serious plus. We hope this cookbook inspires you to experiment, discover, and devour some delicious food too.

Download your copy of Voilá!

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