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cnpe conference

Hang out with VIA at CNPE’s Annual Conference

Celebrate the excellence in Louisville's nonprofit sector.

If you’re not familiar with the Center for Non Profit Excellence (CNPE for short), they’re Louisville’s nonprofit for nonprofits. They provide professional development, consulting and resources for other local nonprofits. Once a year they bring together the corporate, public, philanthropic and nonprofit sectors for a day of relationship-building, learning and critical conversations that propel our community forward.

We are thrilled to support CNPE and all that they do. This year, we’re a sponsor for The Pyramid Award for the Art of Social Innovation, which was awarded to our friends over at the Kentucky Yoga Initiative.

We’re also introducing the breakout session, “Did you Hear What I Thought I Said” given by Dr. Terrence Roberts discussing obstacles to success when communication is unclear. You can get the full schedule here.

Tuesday, October 24th

Galt House – Rivue West Tower

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