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Found Alphabet in Nulu

Looking for the unexpected amongst the ordinary is a fun way to break up our work day.

Every week, our design department has an hour carved out of our schedule to meet and discuss anything and everything design related. We use this time to discuss things happening in the design world, current trends, philosophies, and even take fun brain breaks. We crank out a lot of work, and every once in a while it’s nice and even necessary to physically and mentally step out of the office.

We’ve taken trips to antique stores, taken walks around our city, and had photoshoots in seemingly ordinary places, just to name a few of our adventures. Most recently, Morgan used his assigned Design Department meeting to lead a quest for us to find letters of the alphabet nestled in our Nulu neighborhood. He assigned us each about 5 letters, and we spent close to 45 minutes searching for letter representations (no actual letters from signs). When we got back to the office, he put all of them together to form a cohesive alphabet–check it out!


found alphabet


Change up your perspective

This exercise was a great way for us to look at the world with a different eye. It was a unique way for us to practice approaching projects from a different angle (literally) and to practice framing something totally ordinary into something interesting and different. Whenever we have the opportunity to learn in a way that’s out of the ordinary, we take it.


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