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Facebook ads that really work

Facebook offers a wild array of different ad formats. Here are a sample of some high-engagement examples that we’ve used in the past year:

“Mayan Café Catering”

Facebook Video Template for The Mayan Café

Preview this Mayan Café video template ad in your Facebook feed by clicking here.

One of the best new ad formats that Facebook has rolled out has been their “Video Creation Kit” that takes simple assets such as logos and photos, and stitches them together in an attractive, three-frame video. Subtle movement and easy-to-read type combine to make a treatment that is extremely engaging. These are some of the most engaging ads we currently have running – and they are free to create, and work well on Facebook Desktop Feed, Instagram and FB/IG Stories.

“Supporting amazing musical experiences”

Video for Louisville Leopard Percussionists

You can preview the Louisville Leopard Donation Video ad by clicking here.

While we didn’t create the video that is promoted here (that was all BT!) – we did choose to highlight it because it was authentic and emotional. Pairing that with eye-catching (and on-brand) emojis and subtitles have made this a real hit and is driving donations for our friends at Louisville Leopard Percussionists.

“Arden Features & Benefits”

Instagram Carousel for FirstBuild

You are likely familiar with carousels – but making one that is really engaging can be hard to do. For Firstbuild’s Arden, we chose an engaging combination of high-quality photography and a layout that bled seamlessly from frame to frame, begging the user to “swipe left”. Instagram is notoriously hard for engagement, but this ad in particular worked very well for us.

“Curious Louisville”

Facebook Carousel for 89.3 WFPL News Louisville (Louisville Public Media)

Preview this WFPL Carousel Ad in your Facebook feed by clicking here.

Carousel ads on the desktop (as compared to Instagram) can grant you a little more freedom as users typically read more, and the layout is a little wider. For this ad, we wanted to promote WFPL’s “Curious Louisville” series that answers questions directly from listeners. What better way to prompt engagement that to prompt a hot button question like “Why is that bridge yellow??”.





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