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Dexter hates SEO!

“You know, Google’s kinda 5 minutes ago, right?
It uses a targeted algorithm to aggregate content without getting tripped up by that sneaky SEO bullshit.”

Meet Elliot. A fake search engine dreamed up by the writers of the Showtime series Dexter.

Although we complain about the writing on Dexter quite a bit, for some reason it’s impossible for Kim and I not to watch it every week. Serial killers have their attraction I guess. It was quite entertaining this week to hear the intern ragging on Google and “sneaky SEO bullshit”.

Watch the clip, provided by searchengineland.com:

Although we provide search engine optimization as a service, we’re always fighting the “black hat” SEOs out there who pull the “sneaky SEO bullshit”. There are a few specific keywords we rank well for (ourselves and our clients), but continuously battle the cheats who use link spam and other shady tactics to game the system.

How do YOU feel about “sneaky SEO bullshit”?

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