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cookie battle royale

Cookie Battle Royale 2015

Cookie tasting is serious business



  • Blindfold
  • Four plates of cookies, each made by a different VIA staffer using a recipe of their choosing
  • Palate cleansing coffee at the ready
  • One finicky, vocal cookie aficionado




The result?

Are we kidding ourselves here? Obviously, Joel was the victor.

That said, there were strong contenders for our inaugural Cookie Bake-Off. Ben’s Oatmeal Raisin was warm and wielded unholy cinnamon-y goodness. Jason Clark’s classic Chocolate Chip had the perfect ratio of chocolate chips to everything else. Natalie Miller’s Experimental Cookie put up a hard fought battle with not only ginger, but walnuts. Ginger and walnut cookies are the wave of the future, people.




Not just your average cookie

Cookies, we all love ’em. Then there is Joel’s cookie. “Cookie” is not the word to do justice to the delicacy that melted in our mouths in so many different waves of flavor. Almond, chocolate, magical mystery ingredients… who even knows at this point? The expletives that mumbled from my crumb filled mouth cannot be repeated in print. From everyone’s crumb filled mouth, really, as it also won our Fan Favorite vote. Top to bottom, aesthetics to taste, this cookie was the runaway winner of 2015.

Next year, we’ll tweak the rules. Level the playing field. Up the ante on difficulty. 2016 may be the year someone gives Joel a run for the cookie throne.


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