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computershare mural

Computershare Skyline Mural

A piece of environmental design can drastically change the energy of a space. Just ask our friends at Computershare. Recently, we had an incredible opportunity to produce a true work of art and design that people will enjoy for years to come.

There has been a lot of press around our friends at Computershare the last few months – everyone is super excited to see such a great company come to town. As they march towards the grand opening of their 4th Street location, many tasks need to be completed. One of those tasks: a 38 foot long mural of our beautiful skyline as you walk in to the new offices.

VIA Studio to the rescue! We quickly sourced the perfect image and illustrator Pat Sheehan got to work. We illustrated the entire skyline in Adobe Illustrator with an eye to stark minimalism. Sometimes, what you take away is just as important as what you add. The final result, a gorgeous work of environmental graphic design that makes everyone stop and stare.

Here's the finished artwork.

Here’s the finished artwork.

Skyline Animated

Animated shot of original photo to finished art

Finished Louisville Skyline installation

Finished Louisville Skyline installation

The installation made Business First yesterday!

The installation made Business First yesterday!

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