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Category: Articles

Bootstrap 3 Vulnerability

Earlier last year it was made known that Bootstrap 3.x suffers from a XSS vulnerability. This vulnerability allows malicious users to target the data-attribute and href attributes and pass code through. Here, you can access the progress on the fix. See The Rest

A very basic intro to React redux-saga

Today, we’re going to do a very brief introduction to Redux-Saga and why it makes React+Redux apps much easier. To save space, we’ll only be showing the important bits of our app code. Complete, working versions of the app are … See The Rest

Call me by my name – not my icon

Historically, icons and images were the most effective way to communicate to the masses, but times are changing. Earlier this week I was working within a CMS (which will not be named, alright, I’ll call it Voldemort), and attempting to … See The Rest

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