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Art, Copy, Code: Let’s Understand the Process

My presentation on the Development process, given to the AAF Louisville in 2013.

NOTE: Our presentation has been updated as of 2/13/2014. Please check out the new video here.

Art, Copy, Code: Let’s Understand the Process from Jason Clark on Vimeo.

Just got the video back from Kertis Creative of the presentation I made for the AAF Louisville‘s Professional Development series. Feel free to comment or ask questions here. The talk got great feedback, and, as I am kind of a process nerd, I’d love to continue the conversation. I removed as many cusswords and gaffes as I could find. :P

Synopsis follows:

Everyone talks about digital strategies, but no one talks about how it gets done. In this entertaining and enlightening conversation, Jason Clark talks about helping the media support the “idea”. More importantly he will guide you through the process of digital projects specifically related to client advertising and marketing. From a simple WordPress website all the way to a complex web or mobile application, the budgets may differ, but the process is strikingly similar.

Presentation given July 24, 2013.



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