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2017 louie awards

2017 AAF Louie Awards

Unlike this year’s Oscars, American Advertising Federation’s Louie Awards went off without a hitch - and we must say we were pleased with the results.

2016 was an exciting year for us, we had the opportunity to do work for clients with a wide variety of goals and visions. They challenged us to create new brand identities and interactive websites that dazzle the users. We’ve been thrilled with the response from users, but there’s something special about dressing up for an awards show and celebrating a year’s worth of hard work.

This year we brought home:

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One of the coolest awards we brought home was the Culturally Legit Award for our work on Kentucky Refugee Ministries. This distinction means our work reflects the world as is it today, a mixture and blend of cultures and backgrounds coming together.

The other award we’re really hyped about is the Judges’ Choice for Mr. Boston Bartender’s Guide. We got to create a distinct visual presence for this classic brand, and we’re glad Pat’s art deco illustrations got a shout-out.

Give us a shout if you’d like to be on this list next year. ;)

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